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About CrossFit Reconstructed

CrossFit Reconstructed has built a strong and supportive community since its inception in 2014. We value community, individual attention, and building relationships both inside and outside the gym to create a valuable and welcoming environment for members.

We pride ourselves on staying true to the CrossFit methodology. We believe in its effectiveness for achieving general physical preparedness and maintaining overall health and wellness. We dedicate ourselves to helping each athlete progress toward their goals, both in the gym and in life. CrossFit Reconstructed is not just a place for physical training but also a place for personal growth and development.

At Reconstructed we focus on creating relationships and connections within the community, and providing a supportive atmosphere. Reconstructed has successfully cultivated a positive space for anyone that wants it to pursue their fitness goals and build lasting relationships.





Stephanie began Crossfit in 2013 after overcoming a long battle with addiction. After several years in recovery she decided she wanted to prioritize her health and well being. She found CrossFit through a friend and quickly became hooked.

In 2018, Stephanie made a major career change, leaving her role as a Retail Store Manager to pursue her passion for coaching and helping others in their fitness journey's.

Stephanie has been a member of Recon since 2016 and started her coaching career in 2018. After years of leading and being a part of the community, she decided she wanted to take on a bigger role and then went on to become an owner in 2023.

In addition to Fitness coaching, Stephanie began providing nutrition coaching in 2019.

Stephanie is a certified CF-L2 (CrossFit Level 2) coach and holds a PN L-1 certification.

Stephanie is actively involved in competitive CrossFit as a masters athlete and loves to inspire

Stephanie's driving force is to help others reach their fullest potential through fitness, nutrition, lifestyle, and mentality.

Stephanie brings her values of family, community, loyalty and integrity into the gym with her in everything she does. She prides herself on providing the tools to be a better person inside and outside the gym. Her mission is to make the world a better place one person at a time, in the hopes that each person will go on to help another.

Outside of her professional life, Stephanie enjoys spending time at the beach during the summer months, indulging in her love for reading and beach bumming. She enjoys spending time with her husband (and fellow coach) Ken, and their 2 dogs, Chewie and Axel.



Gretchen has been a member of CrossFit Reconstructed since its inception in 2014.  Her love for the community and desire to help improve the lives of the membership inspired her to become a coach.  She earned her CF-L1 in July of 2018 and has been coaching with us ever since. She continued her coaching development by earning her CF-L2  as well as her Level 1 certificate with the USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coaching program.

Outside of the gym Gretchen loves ice cream and hiking with her dog, Aries



Colleen is a skilled and passionate Crossfit coach with 9 years experience in the fitness industry. Colleen earned her Crossfit L1 certification in 2019, Crossfit Weightlifting certification in 2022, and is an ISSA certified personal trainer. Colleen also has a passion for teaching and educating the younger generation about health and fitness, therefore she earned her Crossfit Kids certification in 2023. She has demonstrated her ability to work with young athletes and instill a love for fitness from an early age, fostering a positive and supportive environment for young athletes to thrive. 

Colleen's true passion is with nutrition. She earned the Precision Nutrition L1 certification in 2022. She understands the vital role that nutrition plays in overall health and fitness. She firmly believes that a well-balanced plan is the foundation for optimal performance and is committed to guiding her clients towards making sustainable and healthy goals. 

Beyond her certifications and qualifications, Colleen is a competitive masters athlete. She has experienced firsthand the trans-formative power of Crossfit and is dedicated to helping others unlock their full potential. Her personal journey has instilled a deep empathy and understanding of the challenges and triumphs that come with pursuing fitness goals. Passionate about both nutrition and movement, she loves sharing her knowledge with others. She possesses a natural ability to break down complex concepts into easily understandable terms, making learning and implementing new skills a breeze for her clients. With her qualifications, competitive experience, and genuine passion for helping others, she is committed to empowering individuals to become the best version of themselves both inside and outside the gym.



Steve Bart started CrossFit in the summer of 2007 during junior year of high school at Salesianum. Steve quickly fell in love with the main site programming and did the workouts with his friends every day. Steve graduated high school in 2008 and has been an active member of the Delaware Army National Guard since then. During his time in the military, CrossFit played a pivotal role in developing intrapersonal skills such as public speaking, teamwork, and leadership. His ability to connect with almost anyone has been vital to his success as a CrossFit coach. In 2013, Steve and Tom actually met in Kandahar, Afghanistan at a CrossFit club on Kandahar airfield where they were both deployed. Upon returning from deployment at the end of 2013, Steve acquired the CFL1 designation and began coaching full-time. After a few short years of coaching, Steve decided he wanted to open his own affiliate. Fast forward to today, Steve, Tom, and Steph own a successful CrossFit gym in Hockessin, DE that continues to serve the local community through health and fitness. Steve is a forever student of health and human movement. His passion for helping others has translated into a calming presence on our team and with our clients. He is motivated by excellence in every facet of his life and his energy is infectious. Lastly, Steve is extremely passionate about helping others, particularly the veteran community. He is the president and founder of 501c3, Redefining Warrior Culture, where he has created a network of veteran and community leaders that serve as mentors, advisors, and volunteers for our local and global communities. You can be sure to find Steve living an active lifestyle, practicing martial arts, and listening to his favorite podcasts or audio books.



Ken’s journey in the sport of CrossFit began 10 years ago after realizing he needed a new challenge. There was something compelling about seeing people build strength while simultaneously improving endurance and developing new skill sets. After bouncing around several local affiliates he settled into CrossFit Reconstructed in 2015, became a CF-L1 coach in 2017, and never looked back. What Ken enjoys most about CrossFit Reconstructed is the community. We have so many like-minded friendly members that it makes working out less like a chore and more like a privilege. Ken is passionate about creating personalized workouts that embrace each individuals unique challenges and aspirations. This expertise is invaluable in ensuring that every member receives tailored guidance to optimize their training and prevent injury. Life is full of challenges and Ken prides himself on creating an environment where individuals can feel good, release stress, and enjoy the process. As a business professional, father, husband, and masters athlete Ken understands that not every day will be a Personal Record (PR). Ken’s focus has always been on personal growth. He values effort relative to the individuals day and wants his athletes to know that “it’s OK to fail because without failure you cannot succeed.” Ken has a deep affection for his two dogs and is an avid fan of the Eagles (GO BIRDS)!!, Phillies, and Sixers.



Meet Kimberlee, a passionate and dedicated CrossFit coach and masters athlete with a wealth of experience in the fitness industry. With a Level 2 CrossFit certification, Kimberlee possesses an in-depth understanding of functional fitness and the ability to guide individuals towards achieving their fitness goals.

Having spent a decade immersed in the world of CrossFit, Kimberlee has cultivated a profound knowledge of various training methodologies, programming strategies, and movement techniques. This extensive experience was gained through  8 years of coaching CrossFit  with an inclusive coaching  style that meets the athlete where they are with goals and abilities, and looks to ensure optimal progress and performance.

As a masters athlete, Kimberlee understands the specific challenges and goals that come with age, and uses a training style that promotes strength, mobility, and longevity. With a deep appreciation for the importance of proper technique and injury prevention, Kimberlee prioritizes the well-being and safety of her athletes at all times.





Aaron's journey into the world of CrossFit began in 2016, initially as a supplement to his training for endurance sports. What started as an on-and-off engagement with CrossFit quickly transformed into a deep passion for functional fitness and the incredible sense of community it fosters.Armed with a CFL1 certificate, Aaron brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our gym. His commitment to personal and collective growth extends beyond the barbells and WODs. Aaron holds additional certifications in Aerobic Capacity and Coaching the Aging Athlete, showcasing his dedication to tailoring fitness experiences to individual needs and fostering inclusivity.More than a coach, Aaron is a motivator, a mentor, and a believer in the power of a strong community. His mission is not just to enhance physical fitness but also to inspire and support each member on their unique fitness journey. Join Aaron at CrossFit Recon, where your strength and sense of belonging take center stage. Let's grow stronger together!



Coach Rachel joined CrossFit Reconstructed over three years ago,  and fell in love with our community of people pursuing health and fitness.  Rachel has played sports since she was old enough to be in t-ball, and used that love for movement to eventually pursue a Doctorate in Physical Therapy at the University of Delaware.  Now, she is able to combined that knowledge with her CF-L1 to help others pursue long-term health. Come check it out!Two of Rachel’s personal fitness goals include: learning to handstand walk consistently and to get a ring muscle up. A fun fact about Rachel: She’s watched the sunrise from the Great Wall of China. 


Crossfit Reconstructed is a family like atmosphere. We welcome anyone who wants to improve their quality of life. We strive to make each class effective, educational and fun!


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