June’s Athlete of the Month

July 26, 2019

Linza Godfey

How long have you been doing CrossFit? Did you start with CFRC?

 I think I’ve been at CFRC exactly 1 year, or very close to it. CFRC is my first experience with CrossFit. I was doing a Spartan race with some friends who did not know how to rope climb last July. Steve was nice enough to give them lessons 🙂 My interest was peaked, so I thought I’d give CrossFit a try. Here I am a year later!

Linza joined the box and started her CrossFit journey with just about 1 year ago and has been an early morning staple ever since.  Linza is always up for a new challenge and approaches every workout with a positive attitude. She is super conscientious about proper technique and always willing to try out a new skill.  Rope Climbs anyone????? She’s been getting stronger and more confident every week and it’s been so rewarding to watch her progress. For these reasons and many more, Linza has earned the title June’s Athlete of the Month!