April’s Athlete of the Month

May 8, 2019

April’s Athlete of the Month, Pat Marzouca . Pat joined the box 2 years ago and has been crushing workouts and holding in his barf ever since. Pat was Steve’s company commander when they deployed to Kandahar, Afghanistan in 2013. With a background in exercise, Pat brought his strength to the table and constantly reminds all of us how strong he really is! Pat found glaring weaknesses in his fitness and constantly continues to improve on areas that use to give him problems. Pat is humble and always open to coaching suggestions even though he’s been around the block before. His dedication to his own fitness and his uplifting attitude are easily received by everyone who attends class with him. He can be found at the noon class or open gym with his tongue out, lifting 10 times the amount of weight as you, and flirting with death on every burpee workout! He has conquered double unders and muscle ups this year, all while remaining humble, hungry, and happy throughout. For these reasons and many more, Pat has earned the title April’s Athlete of the Month!