December's Athlete of the Month

Published January 10, 2019

Rodney was one of the founding members of CFRC, starting back when we still rented space from the Police Athletic League and only had about 40 members. There are a few reasons why Rodney is winning this month’s award, none of which are due to his Strength, Agility, Determination or Intelligence. As a great 2018 wrapped up, we are reflecting on what makes our box so special- The Community. That being said, every community has a few people that are a little different than the rest, in our community, that is Rodney. You can always count on Rodney to make an inappropriate comment at exactly the wrong time, ask a question for the 6th time when the answer was already extensively covered, try and decipher in his head what teams of two means, throw up during the beer mile when originally he wasn’t even going to drink and mention one of his smallest appendages just about every class. That being said, we wouldn't have it any other way. Rodney always brings humor, excitement and encouragement to the class, He ensures everyone is included in every event, makes any newcomer feel welcome (an occasionally uncomfortable), and bust his ass on every workout. Our gym is our family and Rodney is the crazy uncle you always wanted. For these reasons and many more, Rodney has earned the title of December’s Athlete of the Month.

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