November's Athlete of the Month

Published December 10, 2018

Jason started his journey with CFRC about 8 months back diving in head first making the commitment and stuck with it, and the results speak for themselves. People ask us all of the time, “what should I do to get ready to try CrossFit?” The answer - Just show up and keep showing up. Jason is proof, that when you make time for fitness, you’ll not only drastically benefit from improvement in your overall health, but improve your sleeping habits, your diet, your image, the list goes on and on. If you’ve worked out with Jason you know he always shows up ready to work, asks and takes advice and cues from the coaches, scales appropriately and takes on a challenge when presented to him. You’ll hear from his responses to our questions below, it’s not rocket science, if you’re willing to make a change, follow our program, results will come. Jason is clearly walking proof of that and for this reason and many more, Jason has earned the title of November’s Athlete of the Month.

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