March's Athlete of the Month

Published April 2, 2018

March’s Athlete of the Month, Alex “The Back Barber” Bailey. Alex started with us about a year and half ago and dove right into our community and molded right into our culture. If he haven’t had an in depth conversation with Alex your missing out, the guy is a walking encyclopedia. If you have seen any odd objects lying around the box, such as a 100lb cylinder for rolling out, chances are, Alex brought it. Alex always shows up to class with a positive attitude, knows his limits, scales when needed, and crushes it when he knows he can. Alex is the ultimate team player in the box, If you ever need assistance in something 99% of the time, Alex is the first one to step up to help. As many of you would agree, these traits along with many more have won Alex, March’s athlete of the month.



How long have you been doing CrossFit? Did you start with CFRC?


A little less than 18 months


Were you active before CrossFit?


Yes. Powerlifting and rock climbing


What is your best CrossFit memory/biggest accomplishment


Finally getting a ring muscle-up


What physical and mental changes have you seen since starting CrossFit?


I can get through a set of 5 reps without my lungs exploding!


What’s your favorite CrossFit movement?


Snatchs because I’m absolutely terrible at them but really enjoy it.


If you could take any piece of equipment home to workout with, which would you take?


I just want the taller ceilings so I can do proper ring work!


What are your CrossFit goals for 2018?


Fix my clean and snatch. Maybe run a sub 6:30 mile (don’t want to get too crazy though)


Would you recommend CrossFit Reconstructed to your family and friends?




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