November's Athlete of the Month

Published November 22, 2017

Cindy has been a member with CrossFit Reconstructed for over 3 years along with her husband, Coach Jeff (yes he is still a member). Over those three plus years Cindy has mastered the art of making extremely fast and sharp turns into the parking lot while maintaing all four wheels of her vehicles on the ground (most days) arriving thirty seconds before class starts to ensure she is on time. Additionally she has somehow perfected creating perfect circular, softball size bruise on her upper chest every time she does power cleans. But enough on what makes Cindy a pure savage, let's talk about the facts. One of Cindy’s very first classes with CFRC we were back squatting for strength and skill. As many coaches would, we started her off on a 15lb training bar to asses her form and strength level…. Cindy had to bail the empty 15lb bar off of her back after about 5 reps… However, Cindy never quit, never complained, and kept coming back. If you’ve worked out with Cindy in the gym, she clearly squats a lot more than the 15lb training bar. Cindy always brings a positive attitude and humor to class. If you didn’t already know this, Cindy is also a local hair stylist at Salon By Dominic right in Lantana Square, so if you need a trim from one of the best, go see her!

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