October's Athlete of the Month

Published October 30, 2017

Help me in congratulating, October’s Athlete of the Month, Gorden Charles Bennett a.k.a Gordie a.k.a white powdery man baby. If you haven’t seen Gordie in the box, well you should get your vision checked. Gordie stands 6’9” 325 or something like that so he’s hard to miss, he also has the uncanny ability to disguise himself as a mouse, you’ll have to ask him about that. Gordie joined the gym a little over a year ago and generally is a staple of the 515 am class where he and Dustin compete daily for the most awkward sounding grunts and battle back and forth with Brian and Bill for the biggest gym bromance. Gordie always brings a positive and humor filled attitude to class. For as strong as he is, he’s not afraid to scale movements when needed and for those reason he continues to get better at all facets of Crossfit. I could go on for days about Gordie's pale complexion and reasons why he has earned AOTM and that is what has earned him October's title.  Take a look below to see Gordie’s responses to some questions we asked him about his journey.


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