September's Athlete of the Month

Published October 16, 2017

Mere has been with us since April of this year and she hit the ground running, literally and figuratively. Mere is a perfect example of someone who sets fitness goals, sets a plan to achieve those goals and applies themselves in training. Understanding your limitation and properly scaling will not only keep you healthy and able to train for a long time, but help you meet your goals faster. Mere is a poster child for that philosophy. When Mere won this award she said to the coaches in her response “You know everyday I come in keep my head down and just try to learn and apply everything you guys teach me.  I feel very grateful I took the leap to try crossfit and glad I chose your box.  I have a long way to go but I will just keep chipping away.  One day I will be doing RX and do all the things all the other crazy fit athletes can do”.  For her consistent great attitude and willingness to take on challenges along with many other reasons Mere has earned September’s Athlete of the Month.

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