Published January 8, 2016

Steve Bart

Owner/Head Coach CrossFit Level 2, CrossFit Mobility

Just before leaving for my tour overseas, I decided my passion was to help people become physically fit and healthy. I am tightly woven into the Tri state area CrossFit community and have learned from some of the top instructors. I have finished top 5 in the state of Delaware in the last 2 CrossFit games opens. Being able to train athletes, soldiers, and everyone in between makes this passion such a rewarding profession. Seeing my athletes making strides to their goals is why I love to do this. I have had some of the closest relationships from the CrossFit community. Creating a community of healthy, like minded individuals is my ultimate goal.” My programming philosophy is very specific. I think all athletes should be well rounded, weakness should be attended to, and personalized attention is very important. We will become 5-tool players with our fitness. Those 5 tools include strength, skills, conditioning, flexibility, and mental toughness. Through my programming, we will start to master these 5 qualities and become fitter human beings. I take pride in writing my program and make sure it is scalable for all ability levels. My programming will be linear, meaning it builds on itself. I want you guys to reach your individual goals and our community to grow strong together.

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