March's Athlete of the Month

Published April 12, 2019

Help me in congratulating, March’s Athlete of the Month,Mikeey Vincent . Mikeey joined the box last summer and has been constantly kicking ass ever since. It was clear from the start that Mikeey was into fitness. Although we all know how humbling your first CrossFit class can be, she dove in head first! Right out of the gate she began picking up some of the more complex modalities, was never hesitant to scale to learn proper technique and her progress because of that is clearly evident. Mikeey is always open to coaching suggestions, never intimidated to take on a new progression and because of that, she’s now hitting muscle ups and kicking ass in local competitions. Mikeey & Meredith just podiumed at another local competition this past weekend! For these reasons and many more, Mikeey has earned the title March’s Athlete of the Month!

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