February's Athlete of the Month

Published March 14, 2019

February’s Athlete of the Month,Brad Dubicki. Brad joined the box in May of last year and was a welcomed addition to the 5:15am crew. Brad has always been one of those athletes that makes coaching easy. He consistently shows up ready to work, goes with the flow and we can partner him with Dustin and he will actually bury Dustin at times vs. the other way around. As I’m sure many of you have noticed, he’s can also move some weight.. Brad is one of those “silent types” that casually comes in and could load a zillion pounds on the bar and would squat it with ease, good form and technique. One real item that stands out in Brad’s tenure with CFRC is the fact that while everyone else drank a 4.2% abv Coors Light during the 12 days of Christmas wod this past year, Brad slugged down a 8+ % IPA. Yes, squatting 315+ is impressive,  but if you’ve done the 12 days of Christmas wod, I think the 8%’er may edge that one out. For these reasons and many more, Brad has earned the title February’s Athlete of the Month!

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