April's Athlete of the Month

Published May 2, 2018

If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting Ernie yet you are missing out. Ernie may be one of the most positive people we have had walk through our doors. You never hear Ernie complain, he knows how to laugh at himself and make the best of a workout even when he’s barely crawling threw it and is always supportive of every other athlete in the room. Ernie’s positive attitude is contagious. Making the best out of a workout regardless of how bad you know it’s going to suck is a key attribute to successful training and Ernie is a poster child for that. Along with Ernie’s continued effort and positive attitude come many more attributes that have earned him April’s Athlete of the month.



How long have you been doing CrossFit? Did you start with CFRC?


I started Crossfit one year ago this month. I did start with CFRC! Steve was a student of mine and invited me many times to come check it out. I would never have tried it otherwise and am so happy I took him up on the offer.


Were you active before CrossFit?


Sort of. I have an athletic background and have always been into active, adventurous things. However, prior to starting at CFRC I had been pretty sedentary for almost two years in the wake of an annoying neck injury. The day I walked into the box I was in the worst shape of my life.


What is your best CrossFit memory/biggest accomplishment


Both are relatively recent. I think the best memory I have was after I finished 18.2. I was able to do that workout without scaling and, although I did not finish in time for 18.2a, I truly think I maximized my potential during that workout. My biggest accomplishment? I am not sure, although I surprised myself with 12 consecutive double unders this week, so maybe it's that.


What physical and mental changes have you seen since starting CrossFit?


Physically I feel better and stronger than I have for a long time. I think I have grown even more mentally and have a completely different mindset than when I started. Letting go of ego is hard, but rewarding. I now tend to view difficult WODs as enjoyable work I need to finish rather than an insurmountable task I'd rather avoid. The change in my mental approach has made a big difference for me.


What’s your favorite CrossFit movement?


I like doing back squats.


If you could take any piece of equipment home to workout with, which would you take?


The rower.


What are your CrossFit goals for 2018?


To stay consistent in my training. I have a long list of specific things I want to accomplish this year and beyond, but consistency has been my main focus since the new year.


Would you recommend CrossFit Reconstructed to your family and friends?


I cannot overstate how much I appreciate the members and coaches at CFRC. This is a special place with a great sense of community and camaraderie. I absolutely would (and do) recommend anyone stop in and become part of that.




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